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is a perpetual quest for beauty.

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I've been keeping relatively busy, in a pleasant, unnecessary sort of way. Consequently, I feel generally content, and excited at the prospect of watching movies tonight, cozy with my puppies and popcorn (Orville Redenbacher's "Tender White" no less...God that's a presumptious name for popped corn.).

I am also excited, on a deeper level, about the forthcoming arrival of my new coat from Anthropologie that is one of the myriad much-appreciated Christmas gifts from my mother. Also, at the new CD of Christmas music mailed to me by my father which I am about to listen to.

But more than all of these, I am excited in a deep, warm, fuzzy sort of way for Alex to get here, because it marks the start of things returning to normal, normal being life at my school - which shall resume about a week after he arrives. Normal being my beloved single room, classes, and him sleeping in my bed with me, and visiting the family on the weekends, and finding new mail every single time I check my mailbox, and packages and art and movie night. Til then, I'm just finding ways to kill time.

Oh. So yesterday, the microphone on my new cell phone wasn't working. For undisclosed reasons. So people couldn't hear me even though I could hear them just fine. I was really pissed off because I was sure I'd broken my second brand new cell phone in three days. But then, I fixed it. How? By *shouting* into it one word, and one alone: "FUUUUUCKKKK!" Then it started working. How ridiculously awesome is that??? Who else can honestly say that yelling obscenities at their disobedient electronics has ever really paid off? Take that, people who say that "they can't hear you" or "it doesn't do any good." I strongly recommend this method of repair to all.

Actually, for an errand-day, yesterday was pretty eventful.

I have to say that I do feel slightly heartsick when I think of what I'm missing, which is everyone back at Home#1 being on vacation at the same time, carefree and galavanting aboot. I miss the people I didn't get to see, and now who knows when I'll be able to stop missing them? I already miss some of the people I DID get to see. I wish there was some way we could all spend the holiday together. Christmas would be amazing if, for example, everyone could be here. Haha. Of course, that's being selfish and choosing to completely disregard the fact that you all have families of your own. But to that I give a hearty and resounding EH.

Must shower in preparation for a trip downtown for Thai food. Yum.

Overall, the verdict is: > satisfied; perhaps even: wonderful.
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Cat Power - Half of You
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Home again, home again.

Yeah that's right. I just called this place home. And it is. So thurr.

It was good to see everyone and everything again. I missed a couple of people and (::tear::) didn't even get to go to my beloved Wickford, but that's life, and what the next visit is for. Next visit I'm keeping secret though, haha. I'll steal away in the dead of night and arrive at Sarah's door, or Becca's, and have them hide me away.

In other news, decided I'm not playing around with recreational substances for awhile. Taking a long break. To be honest, they are losing their lustre just as surely as drinking did. Also, the highs and lows get more tiresome and more annoying every time. Addiction? What's that? I get bored before I get addicted. Hahah. Quitting smoking too, in 15 days or so. Fuck all that shit. After that they'll be a treat for those very late and social weekend nights only. As Sarah stated, once all your stuff smells like smoke, you're officially a smoker. And I miss my stuff smelling like my lotion and stuff instead. Haha. I've actually only had one in the last three days and I didn't even finish it.

So the ridiculously long winter break is showing me a few things. The visit to RI made me really miss Savannah. It felt so good to get here. And it reminded me of all the redeeming qualities of this place. I'm sorry, climate is huge. It's like fifty-something degrees today, with no fearsome wind chill of any sort. It isn't just the weather though, not by a long shot. I missed my family and my puppies and my bedroom and my dorm room, and my sushi place and my Asian market and my Thai place and my other stores, and the sunny squares and the bells ringing through them in the afternoon, and watching the impromptu jam sessions and dance parties in the parking lot, and walking out to the courtyard at all hours of day and night and running into people I know regardless, and awesomely diverse music tastes and my crazy art stores and my ice cream place. And walking around exploring and finding all kinds of unexpected things in the tiny sidestreets and hidden corners. And my classes!!! I miss my classes to death. I can't wait to start again, really. Another thing the break has shown me? Many of the people at my school that I referred to as acquaintances, I actually can't wait to see again, to the extent that I've realized maybe they actually are friends and I just expect far too much from that word. Hahah. That would be the girls' fault. Grrr! ::angry eyes::

I also had one more realization while home. I appreciate friends who are capable of displaying a clever and witty sort of dry cynicism once in awhile. It can be refreshing. But you know what is NOT refreshing, or even enjoyable in any way? Company that is inherently and constantly cynical. It gets so, so, so dull. Enthusiasm, care, and passion is far more interesting any day. As I've said before, give me a conversation with color. Sarcasm - yeah, it's funny, ha-ha...but to live it 24/7 is boring. And at what price am I willing to hold a friend who is "interesting"?

I don't know, but I do know that Alexander will be here in twelve days and that we will have the house to ourselves. You know what thaaaattt meannns...as Sarah said, "[we] can jump on the beds!!!!" and eat candy for breakfast and slide down the stairs in laundry baskets etc...

I am getting the awesomest coat for Christmas. I'm pretty much picking out my gifts. Heh. Which means I won't be surprised much, but I WILL be wildly happy...it would be cool if I could help pick them all out and then have my memory altered so I forgot about them entirely. ::daydreams of a world in which this is possible::

Last night someone tried to talk down my dreams of traversing the filthiest, poorest, most ancient countries in the world before they become entirely Westernized and homogenized and watered down. PShhh. You can guess how far that flew with me. As she was leaving she said "hold on to your dreams - some of them at least, some you could let go of if you ask me." Haha. Old people. That was directly after a conversation in which every other person at the dinner table tried to tell me tattoos and piercings are "abominations." ::rolls eyes:: Well that's too bad cause I'm so far from done with them. Heh. And I happen to think they're gorgeous.

Alright, out for now. Love y'all! Hahaha.
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cheerful cheerful
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Tori Amos - Scarlet's Walk
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I want to find a wet, freshly poured cement sidewalk somewhere, anywhere, location is entirely irrelevant, and sign my initials in it.
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okay okay
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Amy Fairchild
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I just realized that much to my chagrin and humiliation, I've gone and used the phrase "with no small amount of glee" two entries in a row. Oh, the redundancy.

...I feel so unoriginal...

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blank blank
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DJ Cheb-i-Sabbah - Raja Vedalu
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So. I was riding the shuttle bus back from class oh, no more than half an hour ago. And it was really really full so lots of people, myself included, were standing and being jostled about by the driver's questionable abilities. And this red-cheeked, cutely chubby, very homely looking girl next to me announced to her remarkably similar-looking companion, "It's like riding on a SEE-SAW," which triggered in my mind the following thought process:

That sounded kinda gay. Which is mildly amusing because I know that like 75% of the bus heard her and of those, somewhere around 60% are probably thinking the exact same thing. If you're going to make such a comment, and refer to playground equipment with no small amount of glee, you should at least go all-out with the gayness of your statement. For example, if that were me, and I were with a friend, I EITHER would have made it sound rougher-round-the-edges ("God this bus is like a goddamn freakin' see-saw or something") - OR, more appealingly, have really embellished. Such as "My, standing up on this bus is akin to finding yourself seated upon one end of a particularly ungentle TEEETer-totter." Emphasis on the TEE, though I'm not sure why. And then grinned broadly to my companion, who rather than gazing blankly as this girl's did, would either have looked away and pretended to be otherwise, or if it was someone who UNDERSTANDS me, been laughing before the sentence was even finished.

That's all really.

I'm going to crawl into my amazing bed and try to rest before I get up and clean a small and manageable section of my (SINGLE) bedroom, after which I will go to art history and try to figure out where the Hell I pulled "Bull Street Baptist Church" from if it was not in fact on the list of available monuments for Writing Assignment II. Then, when proved wrong which I will inevitably be, proceed to fume about it for the entire 2 1/2 hour lecture period.
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Lifehouse - Everything (yeah still, got a problem?)
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Oh yeah. And, I watched Free Willy today for the first time since I was eight or so, and let me just say that I had forgotten both a) how ridiculously emotionally intense that shit is! and b) that it was with very little doubt in my mind the last thing Michael Jackson produced (the soundtrack, that is) before his entire career was destroyed by Neverland and his sexual perversions. Wierd. So I just thought I'd share with everyone that it made me cry like...four times...and when I wasn't crying, it's only because I was valiantly fighting the breakdown...god damn fucking Prednisone...

I was only inspired to watch it because we went out on some old guy's boat today and fed and pet dolphins...I asked him what would happen if I jumped in the water and he got quite nervous and defensive...it was just a question, but I'm sure he expected me to for the rest of the boat ride. And he wasted no time in reminding me that dolphins are in fact animals. Wild ones, too. They are wild...animals!

Hard to respect that when in the same breath he turned and said, with no small amount of glee..."C'mere Bashful! Big-eyed Bashful, that's his name! He sure is hungry today!" - he was a nice guy though. And, as I really had no plans to jump in said water, I didn't mind being expressly forbidden from doing so.
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Wow...so LiveJournal's gotten quite the fancy facelift since last I was here...I like, though it somewhat diminishes the 'coming home' feeling of it all for me...I use a lot of ellipses...So anyways I just had to write an entry to test out the customizations etcetera, etcetera. Oh yes, and to announce that I'm lonesome. Lucky there's a mood for that. Good old livejournal and your extensive list of emotive states. I need a cuddle and a good lay. That would hit the spot. I have so much work to do tomorrow that it's a little disgusting. I'm going to bed...and no one will appreciate my "Magically Delicious" pants that are molesting my Magically Delicious Ass. Eh...nevermind. God it feels good to say/type "Eh."

Eh. Eh. Ehhhhhhh. So. Concerted effort to update this piece with a relative frequency. And to stop writing things that I wouldn't want my parents reading. Since clearly they will find and devour it before long. They allllways do..............

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RasaMello II - Yeah...I'm chillin...
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