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"But a good woman has her hands to use...Empty package of chips will tell you..."

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I've been keeping relatively busy, in a pleasant, unnecessary sort of way. Consequently, I feel generally content, and excited at the prospect of watching movies tonight, cozy with my puppies and popcorn (Orville Redenbacher's "Tender White" no less...God that's a presumptious name for popped corn.).

I am also excited, on a deeper level, about the forthcoming arrival of my new coat from Anthropologie that is one of the myriad much-appreciated Christmas gifts from my mother. Also, at the new CD of Christmas music mailed to me by my father which I am about to listen to.

But more than all of these, I am excited in a deep, warm, fuzzy sort of way for Alex to get here, because it marks the start of things returning to normal, normal being life at my school - which shall resume about a week after he arrives. Normal being my beloved single room, classes, and him sleeping in my bed with me, and visiting the family on the weekends, and finding new mail every single time I check my mailbox, and packages and art and movie night. Til then, I'm just finding ways to kill time.

Oh. So yesterday, the microphone on my new cell phone wasn't working. For undisclosed reasons. So people couldn't hear me even though I could hear them just fine. I was really pissed off because I was sure I'd broken my second brand new cell phone in three days. But then, I fixed it. How? By *shouting* into it one word, and one alone: "FUUUUUCKKKK!" Then it started working. How ridiculously awesome is that??? Who else can honestly say that yelling obscenities at their disobedient electronics has ever really paid off? Take that, people who say that "they can't hear you" or "it doesn't do any good." I strongly recommend this method of repair to all.

Actually, for an errand-day, yesterday was pretty eventful.

I have to say that I do feel slightly heartsick when I think of what I'm missing, which is everyone back at Home#1 being on vacation at the same time, carefree and galavanting aboot. I miss the people I didn't get to see, and now who knows when I'll be able to stop missing them? I already miss some of the people I DID get to see. I wish there was some way we could all spend the holiday together. Christmas would be amazing if, for example, everyone could be here. Haha. Of course, that's being selfish and choosing to completely disregard the fact that you all have families of your own. But to that I give a hearty and resounding EH.

Must shower in preparation for a trip downtown for Thai food. Yum.

Overall, the verdict is: > satisfied; perhaps even: wonderful.
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On December 21st, 2005 03:37 am (UTC), octagonyeap commented:
Caitlin, that was really the coolest thing ever. Outside the metro.

"Laura! I'm calling you. Prepare yourself."
"Hello? Hello? HELLO?"
"Talk louder!"
"Not working."
::Caitlin grabs my phone and starts talking to herself, and her face completely alights with the joy of realizing her obscenities have finally fixed everything::

Anyways. Yeah.
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